Proceedings of ISSI 2015

The following is the content of Salah, A.A., Y. Tonta, A.A. Akdag Salah, C. Sugimoto, U. Al (Eds.), Proceedings of ISSI 2015 Istanbul: 15th International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 29 June to 3 July, 2015, Bogaziçi University Printhouse.


Who Publishes, Reads, and Cites Papers? An Analysis of Country Information
Robin Haunschild, Moritz Stefaner, and Lutz Bornmann

Do Mendeley Readership Counts Help to Filter Highly Cited WoS Publications better than Average Citation Impact of Journals (JCS)?
Zohreh Zahedi, Rodrigo Costas and Paul Wouters

Influence of Study Type on Twitter Activity for Medical Research Papers
Jens Peter Andersen and Stefanie Haustein

Is There a Gender Gap in Social Media Metrics?
Adèle Paul-Hus, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Stefanie Haustein and Vincent Larivière

PubMed and ArXiv vs. Gold Open Access: Citation, Mendeley, and Twitter Uptake of Academic Articles of Iran
Ashraf Maleki

Alternative Metrics for Book Impact Assessment: Can Choice Reviews be a Useful Source?
Kayvan Kousha and Mike Thelwall

A Longitudinal Analysis of Search Engine Index Size
Antal van den Bosch, Toine Bogers and Maurice de Kunder

Online Attention of Universities in Finland: Are the Bigger Universities Bigger Online too?
Kim Holmberg

Ranking Journals Using Altmetrics
Tamar V. Loach and Tim S. Evans

Who Tweets about Science?
Andrew Tsou, Tim Bowman, Ali Ghazinejad, and Cassidy Sugimoto

Classifying Altmetrics by Level of Impact
Kim Holmberg

Characterizing In-Text Citations Using N-Gram Distributions
Marc Bertin and Iana Atanassova

Can Book Reviews be Used to Evaluate Books' Influence?
Qingqing Zhou and Chengzhi Zhang

Adapting Sentiment Analysis for Tweets Linking to Scientific Papers
Natalie Friedrich, Timothy D. Bowman, Wolfgang G. Stock and Stefanie Haustein

Mendeley Readership Impact of Academic Articles of Iran
Ashraf Maleki

Does the Global South Have Altmetrics? Analyzing a Brazilian LIS Journal
Ronaldo F. Araújo, Tiago R. M. Murakami, Jan L. de Lara and Sibele Fausto

Tweet or Publish: A Comparison of 395 Professors on Twitter
Timothy D. Bowman

Stratifying Altmetrics Indicators Based on Impact Generation Model
Qiu Junping and Yu Houqiang


Citation Type Analysis for Social Science Literature in Taiwan
Ming-yueh Tsay

University Citation Distributions
Antonio Perianes-Rodriguez and Javier Ruiz-Castillo

Exploration of the Bibliometric Coordinates for the Field of Geography'
Juan Gorraiz and Christian Gumpenberger

The Most-Cited Articles of the 21st Century
Elias Sanz-Casado, Carlos García-Zorita and Ronald Rousseau

An International Comparison of the Citation Impact of Chinese Journals with Priority Funding
Ping Zhou and Loet Leydesdorff

Research Data Explored: Citations versus Altmetrics
Isabella Peters, Peter Kraker, Elisabeth Lex, Christian Gumpenberger and Juan Gorraiz

Stopped Sum Models for Citation Data
Wan Jing Low, Paul Wilson and Mike Thelwall

Differences in Received Citations over Time and Across Fields in China
Siluo Yang, Junping Qiu, Jinda Ding and Houqiang Yu

The Rise in Co-authorship in the Social Sciences (1980-2013)
Dorte Henriksen

The Recurrence of Citations within a Scientific Article
Zhigang Hu, Chaomei Chen and Zeyuan Liu

Do Authors with Stronger Bibliographic Coupling Ties Cite Each Other More Often?
Ali Gazni and Fereshteh Didegah

The Research of Paper Influence Based on Citation Context - A Case Study of the Nobel Prize Winner's Paper
Shengbo Liu, Kun Ding, Bo Wang, Delong Tang and Zhao Qu

Time to First Citation Estimation in the Presence of Additional Information
Tina Nane

Author Relationship Mining based on Tripartite Citation Analysis
Feifei Wang, Junwan Liu and Siluo Yang

Charles Dotter and the Birth of Interventional Radiology: A "Sleeping-Beauty” with a Restless Sleep
Philippe Gorry and Pascal Ragouet

Citation Distribution of Individual Scientist: Approximations of Stretch Exponential Distribution with Power Law Tails
Ol. S. Garanina and Michael Yu. Romanovsky

Influence of International Collaboration on the Research Impact of Young Universities
Khiam Aik Khor and Ligen G. Yu

Which Collaborating Countries Give to Turkey the Largest Amount of Citation?
Bárbara S. Lancho Barrantes

Do We Need Global and Local Knowledge of the Citation Network?
Sophia. R. Goldberg, Hannah Anthony and Tim S. Evans

Citation Analysis as an Auxiliary Decision-Making Tool in Library Collection Development
Iva Vrkic

Is Paper Uncitedness a Function of the Alphabet?
Clément Arsenault and Vincent Larivière

Relative Productivity Drivers of Economists: A Probit/Logit Approach for Six European Countries
Stelios Katranidis and Theodore Panagiotidis

Do First-Articles in a Journal Issue Get More Cited?
Tian Ruiqiang, Yao Changqing, Pan Yuntao, Wu Yishan, Su Cheng and Yuan Junpeng

Proquest Dissertation Analysis
Kishor Patel, Sergio Govoni, Ashwini Athavale, Robert P. Light and Katy Börner


An Alternative to Field-Normalization in the Aggregation of Heterogeneous Scientific Fields
Antonio Perianes-Rodriguez and Javier Ruiz-Castillo

Correlating Libcitations and Citations in the Humanities with WorldCat and Scopus Data
Alesia Zuccala and Howard D. White

A Vector for Measuring Obsolescence of Scientific Articles
Jianjun Sun, Chao Min and Jiang Li

Field-Normalized Citation Impact Indicators and the Choice of an Appropriate Counting Method
Ludo Waltman and Nees Jan van Eck

Forecasting Technology Emergence from Metadata and Language of Scientific Publications and Patents
Olga Babko-Malaya, Andy Seidel, Daniel Hunter, Jason HandUber, Michelle Torrelli and Fotis Barlos

Understanding Relationship between Scholars' Breadth of Research and Scientific Impact
Shiyan Yan and Carl Lagoze

Transforming the Heterogeneity of Subject Categories into a Stability Interval of the MNCS
Marion Schmidt and Daniel Sirtes

Measuring Interdisciplinarity of a Given Body of Research
Qi Wang

How often are Patients Interviewed in Health Research? An Informetric Approach
Jonathan M. Levitt and Mike Thelwall

Normalized International Collaboration Score: A Novel Indicator for Measuring International Co-Authorship
Adam Finch, Kumara Henadeera and Marcus Nicol

Bibliometric Indicators of Interdisciplinarity Exploring New Class of Diversity Measures
Alexis-Michel Mugabushaka, Anthi Kyriakou and Theo Papazoglou

Modeling Time-dependent and -independent Indicators to Facilitate Identification of Breakthrough Research Papers
Holly N. Wolcott, Matthew J. Fouch, Elizabeth Hsu, Catherine Bernaciak, James Corrigan and Duane Williams

Dimensions of The Author Citation Potential
Pablo Dorta-González, María-Isabel Dorta-González and Rafael Suárez-Vega

Scholarly Book Publishers in Spain: Relationship between Size, Price, Specialization and Prestige
Jorge Mañana-Rodríguez and Elea Giménez Toled

Bootstrapping to Evaluate Accuracy of Citation-Based Journal Indicators
Jens Peter Andersen and Stefanie Haustein

The Lack of Stability of the Impact Factor of the Mathematical Journals
Antonia Ferrer-Sapena , Enrique A. Sánchez-Pérez, Fernanda Peset, Luis-Millán González and Rafael Aleixandre-Benavent

Using Bibliometrics to Measure the Impact of Cancer Research on Health Service and Patient Care: Selecting and Testing Four Indicators
Frédérique Thonon, Mahasti Saghatchian, Rym Boulkedid and Corinne Alberti

A New Scale for Rating Scientific Publications
Razvan Valentin Florian

Analysis of the Factors Affecting Interdisciplinarity of Research in Library and Information Science
Chizuko Takei, Fuyuki Yoshikane and Hiroshi Itsumura

An Analysis of Scientific Publications from Serbia: The Case of Computer Science
Milos Pavkovic and Jelica Protic


A Computer System for Automatic Evaluation of Researchers' Performance
Ashkan Ebadi and Andrea Schiffauerova

Grading Countries/Territories Using DEA Frontiers
Guo-liang Yang, Per Ahlgren, Li-ying Yang, Ronald Rousseau and Jie-lan Ding

Continuous, Dynamic and Comprehensive Article-Level Evaluation of Scientific Literature
Xianwen Wang, Zhichao Fang and Yang Yang

Interdisciplinarity and Impact: Distinct Effects of Variety, Balance, and Disparity
Jian Wang, Bart Thijs and Wolfgang Glänzel

The Evaluation of Scholarly Books as a Research Output. Current Developments in Europe
Elea Giménez-Toledo, Jorge Mañana-Rodríguez, Tim Engels, Peter Ingwersen, Janne Pölönen, Gunnar Sivertsen, Frederik Verleysen and Alesia Zuccala

Publications or Citations - Does it Matter? Beneficiaries in Two Different Versions of a National Bibliometric Performance Model, an Existing Publication-based and a Suggested Citation-based Model
Jesper W. Schneider

The Effect of Having a Research Chair on Scientists' Productivity
Seyed Reza Mirnezami and Catherine Beaudry

Drivers of Higher Education Institutions' Visibility: A Study of UK HEIs Social Media Use vs. Organizational Characteristics
Julie M. Birkholz, Marco Seeber and Kim Holmberg

A Computing Environment to Support Repeatable Scientific Big Data Experimentation of World-Wide Scientific Literature
Bob G. Schlicher, James J. Kulesz, Robert K. Abercrombie, and Kara L. Kruse

Is Italy a Highly Efficient Country in Science?
Aparna Basu

Performance Assessment of Public-Funded R&D Organizations
Debnirmalya Gangopadhyay, Santanu Roy and Jay Mitra

Outlining the Scientific Activity Profile of Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Spain: The Case of CSIC
Adrián A. Díaz-Faes, María Bordons, Thed van Leeuwen and Ma Purificación Galindo

A Bibliometric Assessment of ASEAN's Output, Influence and Collaboration in Plant Biotechnology
Jane G. Payumo and Taurean C. Sutton

Science and Technology Indicators In & For the Peripheries. A Research Agenda
Ismael Rafols, Jordi Molas-Gallart and Richard Woolley

Patterns of Internationalization and Criteria for Research Assessment in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Gunnar Sivertsen

Looking for a Better Shape: Societal Demand and Scientific Research Supply on Obesity
Lorenzo Cassi, Ismael Rafols, Pierre Sautier and Elisabeth de Turckheim

Does Quantity Make a Difference?
Peter van den Besselaar and Ulf Sandström

On Decreasing Returns to Scale in Research Funding
Philippe Mongeon, Christine Brodeur, Catherine Beaudry and Vincent Larivière

How Many is too Many? On the Relationship between Output and Impact in Research
Vincent Larivière and Rodrigo Costas

Research Assessment and Bibliometrics: Bringing Quality Back In
Michael Ochsner and Sven E. Hug

Under-Reporting Research Relevant to Local Needs in The Global South. Database Biases in the Representation of Knowledge on Rice
Ismael Rafols,Tommaso Ciarli and Diego Chavarro

Network DEA Approach for Measuring the Efficiency of University- Industry Collaboration Innovation: Evidence from China
Yu Yu , Qinfen Shi and Jie Wu

Promotions, Tenures and Publication Behaviours: Serbian Example
Dejan Pajic and Tanja Jevremov

The Serbian Citation Index: Contest and Collapse
Dejan Pajic

Selecting Researchers with a Not Very Long Career - The Role of Bibliometrics
Elizabeth S. Vieira and José A. N.F. Gomes

Differences By Gender and Role in PhD Theses on Sociology in Spain
Lourdes Castelló Cogollos, Rafael Aleixandre Benavent and Rafael Castelló Cogollos

The Trends to Multi-Authorship and International Collaborative in Ecology Papers
João Carlos Nabout, Marcos Aurélio de Amorim Gomes , Karine Borges Machado , Barbbara da Silva Rocha , Meirielle Euripa Pádua de Moura , Raquel Menestrino Ribeiro , Lorraine dos Santos Rocha, José Alexandre Felizola Diniz-Filho and Ramiro Logares

A Bootstrapping Method to Assess Software Impact in Full-Text Papers
Erjia Yan and Xuelian Pan

Article and Journal-Level Metrics in Massive Research Evaluation Exercises: The Italian Case
Marco Malgarini, Carmela Anna Nappi and Roberto Torrini

Accounting For Compositional Effects in Measuring Inter-Country Research Productivity Differences: The Case of Economics Departments in Four European Countries
Giannis Karagiannis and Stelios Katranidis

Metrics 2.0 for Science
Isidro F. Aguillo

Evolution Of Research Assessment In Lithuania 2005 - 2015
Saulius Maskeliunas, Ulf Sandström and Eleonora Dagiene

Research-driven Classification and Ranking in Higher Education: An Empirical Appraisal of a Romanian Policy Experience
Gabriel-Alexandru Vîiu, Mihai Paunescu, and Adrian Miroiu

Looking beyond the Italian VQR 2004-2010: Improving the Bibliometric Evaluation of Research
Alberto Anfossi, Alberto Ciolfi and Filippo Costa

High Fluctuations of THES-Ranking Results in Lower Scoring Universities
Johannes Sorz, Martin Fieder, Bernard Wallner and Horst Seidler

The Vicious Circle of Evaluation Transparency - An Ignition Paper
Milo Jovanovic

Influence of the Research-Oriented President's Competency on Research Performance in University of China - Based on the Results of Empirical Research
Li Gu, Liqiang Ren, Kun Ding and Wei Hu

Medical Literature Imprinting by Pharma Ghost Writing: A Scientometric Evaluation
Philippe Gorry

Are Scientists Really Publishing More?
Daniele Fanelli and Vincent Larivière


Tapping into Scientific Knowledge Flows via Semantic Links
Saeed-Ul Hassan and Peter Haddawy

Causal Connections between Scientometric Indicators: Which Ones Best Explain High-Technology Manufacturing Outputs?
Robert D. Shelton, Tarek R. Fadel and Patricia Foland

Scientific Production in Brazilian Research Institutes: Do Institutional Context, Background Characteristics and Academic Tasks Contribute to Gender Differences?
Gilda Olinto and Jacqueline Leta

Comparing the Disciplinary Profiles of National and Regional Research Systems by Extensive and Intensive Measures
Irene Bongioanni, Cinzia Daraio, Henk F. Moed and Giancarlo Ruocco

New Research Performance Evaluation Development and Journal Level Indices at Meso Level
Muzammil Tahira, Rose Alinda Alias, Aryati Bakri and A. Abrizah

Factors Influencing Research Collaboration in LIS Schools in South Africa
Jan Resenga Maluleka, Omwoyo Bosire Onyancha and Isola Ajiferuke

The Diffusion of Nanotechnology Knowledge in Turkey
Hamid Darvish and Yaþar Tonta

The Network Structure of Nanotechnology Research Output of Turkey: A Co-authorship and Co-word Analysis Study
Hamid Darvish and Yaþar Tonta

Analysis of the Spatial Dynamics of Intra- v.s. Inter-Research Collaborations across Countries
Lili Wang and Mario Coccia

Nanotechnology Research in Post-Soviet Russia: Science System Path-Dependencies and their Influences
Maria Karaulova, Oliver Shackleton, Abdullah Gök and Philip Shapira

Support Programs to Increase the Number of Scientific Publications Using Bibliometric Measures: The Turkish Case
Yaþar Tonta

What's Special about Book Editors? A Bibliometric Comparison of Book Editors and other Flemish Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Truyken L.B. Ossenblok and Mike Thelwall

Scientific Cooperation in the Republics of Former Yugoslavia Before, During and After the Yugoslav Wars
Dragan Ivanovic, Milo M. Jovanovic and Frank Fritsche

The Brazilian National Impact: Movement of Journals Between Bradford Zones of Production and Consumption
Rogério Mugnaini and Luciano A. Digiampietri

Sustained Collaboration Between Researchers in Mexico and France in the Field of Chemistry
Jane M. Russell, Shirley Ainsworth and Jesús Omar Arriaga-Pérez

Innovation and Economic Growth: Delineating the Impact of Large and Small Innovators in European Manufacturing
Jan-Bart Vervenne and Bart Van Looy

Chemistry Research in India: A Bright Future Ahead
Swapan Deoghuria, Gayatri Paul and Satyabrata Roy

Main Institutional Sectors in the Publication Landscape of Spain: The Role of Non-Profit Entities
Borja González Albo, Javier Aparicio, Luz Moreno-Solano and María Bordons

Reform of Russian Science as a Reason for Scientometrics Research Growth
Andrey Guskov

Leadership Among the Leaders of The Brazilian Research Groups in Marine Biotechnology
Sibele Fausto and Jesús P. Mena-Chalco

An Empirical Study on Utilizing Pre-grant Publications in Patent Classification Analysis
Chung-Huei Kuan and Chan-Yi Lin

The New Development Trend of Chinese-funded Banks and Internet Financial Enterprises from Patent Perspective
Zhao Qu, Shanshan Zhang and Kun Ding

Who Files Provisional Applications in the United States?
Chi-Tung Chen and Dar-Zen Chen

A Preliminary Study of Technological Evolution: From the Perspective of the USPC Reclassification
Hui-Yun Sung, Chun-Chieh Wang and Mu-Hsuan Huang

Cognitive Distances in Prior Art Search by the Triadic Patent Offices: Empirical Evidence from International Search Reports
Tetsuo Wada

A Collective Reasoning on the Automotive Industry: A Patent Co-citation Analysis
Manuel Castriotta and Maria Chiara Di Guardo

Statistical Study of Patents Filed in Global Nano Photonic Technology
Zhang Huijing, Zhong Yongheng and Jiang Hong

A Sao-Based Approach for Technologies Evolution Analysis Using Patent Information: Case Study on Graphene Sensor
Zhengyin Hu and Shu Fang

Prediction of Potential Market Value Using Patent Citation Index
HeeChel Kim, Hong-Woo Chun and Byoung-Youl Coh

Knowledge Flows and Delays in the Pharmaceutical Innovation System
Mari Jibu, Yoshiyuki Osabe and Katy Börner


Can Numbers of Publications on a Specific Topic Observe the Research Trend of This Topic: A Case Study of the Biomarker HER-2?
Yuxian Liu Michael Hopkins and Yishan Wu

Founding Concepts and Foundational Work: Establishing the Framework for the Use of Acknowledgments as Indicators
Nadine Desrochers, Adèle Paul-Hus and Jen Pecoskie

Analysis On The Age Distribution Of Scientific Elites' Productivity: A Study On Academicians Of The Chinese Academy Of Science
Liu Jun-wan, Zheng Xiao-min, Feng Xiu-zhen and Wang Fei-fei

An Experimental Study On The Dynamic Evolution Of Core Documents
Lin Zhang, Wolfgang Glänzel and Fred Y. Ye

How Related is Author Topical Similarity to Other Author Relatedness Measures?
Kun Lu, Yuehua Zhao, Isola Ajiferuke and Dietmar Wolfram

Publication Rates in 192 Research Fields of the Hard Sciences
Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo and Giovanni Abramo

A Technology Foresight Model: Used for Foreseeing Impelling Technology in Life Science
Yunwei Chen, Yong Deng, Fang Chen, Chenjun Ding, Ying Zheng and Shu Fang

Lung Cancer Researchers, 2008-2013: Their Sex and Ethnicity
Grant Lewison, Philip Roe and Richard Webber

A Model for Publication and Citation Statistics of Individual Authors
Wolfgang Glänzel, Sarah Heeffer and Bart Thijs

A Delineating Procedure to Retrieve Relevant Research Areas on Nanocellulose
Douglas H. Milanez and Ed C. M. Noyons

Sapientia: the Ontology of Multi-dimensional Research Assessment
Cinzia Daraio, Maurizio Lenzerini, Claudio Leporelli, Henk F. Moed, Paolo Naggar, Andrea Bonaccorsi and Alessandro Bartolucci

The Research Purpose, Methods and Results of the "Annual Report for International Citations of China's Academic Journals”
Junhong Wu, Hong Xiao, Shuhong Sheng, Yan Zhang, Xiukun Sun and Yichuan Zhang

Is the Year of First Publication a Good Proxy of Scholars' Academic Age?
Rodrigo Costas, Tina Nane and Vincent Larivière

Corpus Specific Stop Words to Improve the Textual Analysis in Scientometrics
Vicenç Parisi Baradad and Alexis-Michel Mugabushaka

Epistemic Diversity as Distribution of Paper Dissimilarities
Jochen Gläser, Michael Heinz and Frank Havemann

Using Bibliometrics-aided Retrieval to Delineate the Field of Cardiovascular Research
Diane Gal, Karin Sipido and Wolfgang Glänzel

Locating an Astronomy and Astrophysics Publication Set in a Map of the Full Scopus Database
Kevin W. Boyack

Scientific Workflows for Bibliometrics
Arzu Tugce Guler, Cathelijn J. F. Waaijer and Magnus Palmblad

Expertise Overlap between an Expert Panel and Research Groups in Global Journal Maps
A.I.M. Jakaria Rahman, Raf Guns, Ronald Rousseau and Tim C.E. Engels

Contextualization of Topics - Browsing through Terms, Authors, Journals and Cluster Allocations
Rob Koopman, Shenghui Wang and Andrea Scharnhorst

A Link-based Memetic Algorithm for Reconstructing Overlapping Topics from Networks of Papers and their Cited Sources
Frank Havemann, Jochen Gläser and Michael Heinz

Re-citation Analysis: A Promising Method for Improving Citation Analysis for Research Evaluation, Knowledge Network Analysis, Knowledge Representation and Information Retrieval
Dangzhi Zhao and Andreas Strotmann

Topic Affinity Analysis for an Astronomy and Astrophysics Data Set
Theresa Velden, Shiyan Yan and Carl Lagoze

Time & Citation Networks
James R. Clough and Tim S. Evans

Coming to Terms: A Discourse Epistemetrics Study of Article Abstracts from the Web of Science
Bradford Demarest, Vincent Larivière and Cassidy R. Sugimoto

Using Hybrid Methods and Core Documents' for the Representation of Clusters and Topics: The Astronomy Dataset
Wolfgang Glänzel and Bart Thijs

Mining Scientific Papers for Bibliometrics: A (Very) Brief Survey of Methods and Tools
Iana Atanassova, Marc Bertin and Philipp Mayr

A Multi-Agent Model of Individual Cognitive Structures and Collaboration In Sciences
Bulent Ozel

Hypothesis Generation for Joint Attention Analysis on Autism
Jian Xu, Ying Ding, Chaomei Chen and Erjia Yan

"What Came First - Wellbeing Or Sustainability?” A Systematic Analysis of The Multi-Dimensional Literature Using Advanced Topic Modelling Methods
Mubashir Qasim and Les Oxley

Multi-Label Propagation for Overlapping Community Detection Based on Connecting Degree
Xiaolan Wu and Chengzhi Zhang

Reproducibility, Consensus and Reliability In Bibliometrics
Raul I. Mendez-Vasquez and Eduard Suñen-Pinyol

Semantometrics: Fulltext-Based Measures for Analysing Research Collaboration
Drahomira Herrmannova and Petr Knoth

Uncovering the Mechanisms of Co-Authorship Network Evolution by Multirelations- Based Link Prediction
Jinzhu Zhang, Chengzhi Zhang and Bikun Chen


Citing e-prints on arXiv A study of cited references in WoS-indexed journals from 1991- 2013
Valeria Aman

Evolutionary Analysis of Collaboration Networks in Scientometrics
Yuehua Zhao and Rongying Zhao

Open Access Publishing and Citation Impact - An International Study
Thed van Leeuwen, Clifford Tatum and Paul Wouters

Measuring the Competitive Pressure of Academic Journals and the Competitive Intensity within Subjects
Ma Zheng, Pan Yuntao, Wu Yishan, Yu Zhenglu and Su Cheng

SciELO Citation Index and Web of Science: Distinctions in the Visibility of Regional
Diana Lucio-Arias, Gabriel Velez-Cuartas and Loet Leydesdorff

Book Bibliometrics - A New Perspective and Challenge in Indicator Building Based on the Book Citation Index
Pei-Shan Chi, Wouter Jeuris, Bart Thijs and Wolfgang Glänzel

When is an Article Actually Published? An Analysis of Online Availability, Publication, and Indexation Dates
Stefanie Haustein, Timothy D. Bowman and Rodrigo Costas

Analysis of the Obsolescence of Citations and Access in Electronic Journals at University Libraries
Chizuko Takei, Fuyuki Yoshikane and Hiroshi Itsumura

Dynamics Between National Assessment Policy and Domestic Academic Journals
Eleonora Dagiene and Ulf Sandström

Correlation between Impact Factor and Public Availability of Published Research Data in Information Science & Library Science Journals
Rafael Aleixandre-Benavent, Luz Moreno-Solano, Antonia Ferrer Sapena and Enrique Alfonso Sánchez Pérez

Use of CrossRef and OAI-PMH to Enrich Bibliographical Databases
Mehmet Ali Abdulhayoglu and Bart Thijs

Does Scopus Really Put Journal Selection Criteria into Practice?
Zehra Taþkýn, Güleda Doðan, Sümeyye Akça, Ýpek Þencan and Müge Akbulut

On the Correction of "Old” Omitted Citations by Bibliometric Databases
Fiorenzo Franceschini, Domenico Maisano and Luca Mastrogiacomo

Can We Track the Geography of Surnames Based on Bibliographic Data?
Nicolas Robinson-Garcia, Ed Noyons and Rodrigo Costas

An 80/20 Data Quality Law for Professional Scientometrics?
Andreas Strotmann and Dangzhi Zhao

Some Features of the Citation Counts from Journals Indexed in Web of Science to Publications from Russian Translation Journals
Maria Aksenteva

Semantics, A Key Concept in Interoperability of Research Information -The Flanders Research Funding Semantics Case
Sadia Vancauwenbergh

The Information Retrieval Process of the Scientific Production at Departmental-Level of Universities: Exploration of New Approach
César David Loaiza Quintana and Víctor Andrés Bucheli Guerrero

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact of Research and Innovation: A Framework for the Analysis
Cinzia Daraio

Integrating Microdata on Higher Education Institutions (HEIS) with Bibliometric and Contextual Variables: A Data Quality Approach
Cinzia Daraio, Angelo Gentili and Monica Scannapieco

Is The Humboldtian University Model An Engine Of Local Development? New Empirical Evidence From The ETER Database
Teresa Ciorciaro, Libero Cornacchione, Cinzia Daraio and Giulia Dionisio

Connecting Big Scholarly Data With Science of Science Policy: An Ontology-Based-Data- Management (Obdm) Approach
Cinzia Daraio, Maurizio Lenzerini, Claudio Leporelli, Henk F. Moed, Paolo Naggar, Andrea Bonaccorsi and Alessandro Bartolucci

Incomplete Data and Technological Progress in Energy Storage Technologies
Sertaç Oruç, Scott W. Cunningham, Christopher Davis and Bert van Dorp

Bibliometric Characteristics of a "Paradigm Shift”: The 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine
Andreas Strotmann and Dangzhi Zhao

Bibliometric Mapping: Eight Decades of Analytical Chemistry, With Special Focus on the Use of Mass Spectrometry
Cathelijn J. F. Waaijer and Magnus Palmblad

Introduction of "Kriging” to Scientometrics for Representing Quality Indicators in Maps of Science
Masashi Shirabe

The Technology Roots Spectrum: A New Visualization Tool for Identifying the Roots of a Technology
Eduardo Perez-Molina

Modelling of Scientific Collaboration Based on Graphical Analysis
Veslava Osinska, Grzegorz Osinski and Wojciech Tomaszewski

Monitoring of Technological Development - Detection of Events in Technology Landscapes through Scientometric Network Analysis
Geraldine Joanny, Adam Agocs, Sotiri Fragkiskos, Nikolaos Kasfikis, Jean-Marie Le Goff and Olivier Eulaerts

Analysis of R&D Trend for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases by Scientometric Method
Eunsoo Sohn, Oh-Jin Kwon, Eun-Hwa Sohn and Kyung-Ran Noh

Analysis of Convergence Trends in Secondary Batteries
Young-Duk Koo and Dae-Hyun Jeong

Can Scholarly Literature and Patents be Represented in a Hierarchy of Topics Structured to Contain 20 Topics per Level? Balancing Technical Feasibility with Human Usability
Michael Edwards, Mahadev Dovre Wudali, James Callahan, Paul Worner, Jeffrey Maudal, Patricia, Brennan, Julia Laurin and Joshua Schnell

A Sciento-Text Framework for Fine-Grained Characterization of the Leading World Institutions in Computer Science Research
Ashraf Uddin, Sumit Kumar Banshal, Khushboo Singhal and Vivek Kumar Singh

Influence of Human Behaviour and the Principle of Least Effort on Library and Information Science Research
Yu-Wei Chang

Document Type Assignment Accuracy in Citation Index Data Sources
Paul Donner

Measuring the Impact of Arabic Scientific Publication: Challenges and Proposed Solution
Raad Alturki

Improvement and Empirical Research on Journal's First - Citation - Speed-Index
Qunfang Wu, Xiaoli Tang and Jimin Wang



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