Quantitative Science Studies

Quantitative Science Studies is the official open access journal of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI). It will publish theoretical and empirical research on science and the scientific workforce.


ISSI Newsletter

The ISSI Newsletter is the most up-to-date source of information on items of current interest to members of the society. The aim of the ISSI Newsletter is to enhance communication among the society members and to help to bridge the gap between the daily flood of unfiltered information and the formal communication of scientific publishing. Instead of disseminating information in impersonal terms, the editors’ aim is to carefully select, bundle and present relevant information in an individual form along with contributions of common interest. Contributions are organised according to the categories editorial, letter to the editor, item about individuals, interviews, book review, literature alert, short communication, discussion paper, event announcement and report, and advertisement. Relevant information is collected by the editors, submitted contributions are moderated and reviewed by the board.

The ISSI Newsletter appears quarterly, and the latest number is available to all society members in a good standing. Older issues are archived and open to the broad public.

Festschrift series

ISSI Festschrift Series

The ISSI Festschrift Series are to supplement the ISSI Newsletter and appear as its special volumes. The festschrift series was launched in 2007. This series aims to honor prominent members of our community on the occasion of milestone birthdays, retirement, or other commemorable events. Unlike the newsletter, festschrifts are organised by guest editors.

Proceedings of the ISSI Conferences

ISSI Conference Proceedings

The ISSI Conference Proceedings provide a collection of high quality research papers from the biennial conferences.

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