ISSI Newsletter – Editor-in-Chief Call for Application

The former Editor-in-Chief, Wolfgang Glänzel, of the ISSI Newsletter has resigned from this position. In order to fill this vacancy and to continue publication of the Newsletter, ISSI seeks a dedicated EiC to serve as  the head of the editorial team.

The ISSI Newsletter (ISSN 1998-5460) is an up-to-date source of information on items of current interest to members of the society. The aim of this e-zine is to enhance communication among the society members and to help to bridge the gap between the daily flood of unfiltered information and the formal communication of scientific publishing. Instead of disseminating information in impersonal terms, the editors’ aim is to carefully select, bundle and present relevant information in an individual form along with contributions of common interest. The ISSI Newsletter is published quarterly on the Society website and is open to the broad public.

Applications should be submitted to the President of the Society (Giovanni Abramo) with copy to the Secretary-Treasurer (Wolfgang Glänzel). 

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