The International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) is an international association of scholars and professionals active in the interdisciplinary study science of science, science communication, and science policy. This community focuses on quantitative approaches to the study of science, including informetrics, scientometrics, and webometrics.


The Society was founded at the International Conference on Bibliometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics held in Berlin in September 1993. The conference was the fourth in a series of prominent biennial conferences that have subsequently been held under the auspices of the Society. The first of these was held in Belgium in 1987 and was organized by Leo Egghe. The Society was formally incorporated in 1994 in the Netherlands and elected Dr. Hildrun Kretschmer as the first president.


The Society aims to encourage communication and exchange of professional information in the field of scientometrics and informetrics; to improve standards, theory, and practice; to stimulate research, education, and training; and to engage in relevant public conversation and policy discussions.

As stated by the Articles of Association, the aim of ISSI is the advancement of the theory, methods, and explanations through two main streams:

  1. Quantitative Studies
    • Scientific, technological and other scholarly substantive information
    • Science of science and technology, social sciences, arts and humanities
    • Generation, diffusion and use of information
    • Information systems, including libraries, archives and databases

  2. Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Modeling and Analysis of Information Processes.


ISSI's constitutional structure (Articles of Association ISSI-Statute) includes a President, Secretary-Treasurer, and between six to eight Board members. Board meetings are held every two years in conjunction with the ISSI Conference.

The first President of ISSI was Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany) voted in by members of the Conference audience in Berlin, 1993. In 1995, following the ISSI conference in Chicago, Michael E.D. Koenig (USA) took over the Presidency for a period of two years. The following years saw Bluma Peritz (Israel) as ISSI President (1997-1999); César Macías-Chapula (Mexico) (1999-2001), and Mari Davis (Australia) (2001-2003).

In 2002, the ISSI Board reviewed its policies relating to the election of ISSI Board positions. In 2003, the first open voting for the President and the Board was conducted electronically among all members of the Society. Henry Small (USA) was elected the 6th president. In 2007, Ronald Rousseau (Belgium) was elected as the 7th president of the Society and served until 2015. Cassidy R. Sugimoto (USA) was elected in 2015 to serve a four-year term and re-elected President in 2019. In 2023, Giovanni Abramo was elected the 9th president for a four-year term.


Giovanni Abramo (ITA)


Wolfgang Glänzel (Belgium)

Board Members

Stefanie Haustein (CAN)
Vincent Larivière (CAN)
Jacqueline Leta (BRA)
Ronald Rousseau (BEL)
Vivek Kumar Singh (IND)
Lin Zhang (CHN)

2015-2023: Cassidy Sugimoto (USA)
2007-2015: Ronald Rousseau (Belgium)
2003-2007: Henry Small (USA)
2001-2003: Mari Davis (Australia)
1999-2001: César Macías-Chapula (Mexico)
1997-1999: Bluma Peritz (Israel)
1995-1997: Michael E.D. Koenig (USA)
1993-1995: Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany)

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