Winner of the 2023 Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship - Patricia Alonso-Álvarez

In conjunction with its 19th International Conference held on 2-5 July 2023, the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) solicited nominations for the Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to foster research in informetrics, including bibliometrics, scientometrics, webmetrics and altmetrics by encouraging and assisting doctoral students in the field with their dissertation research.

We were very pleased to receive no less than 11 nominations for this year’s award. Nominees submitted their doctoral research proposals, papers submitted to the ISSI conference, and CVs. The nominees have produced high quality and visionary work and selecting an award winner among them was not easy. Each committee member reviewed all nominations, excluding those for which they had a conflict of interest. Results were then compiled, and the committee arrived at a final consensus after a thorough discussion.

We are happy to announce that Patricia Alonso-Álvarez from the University of Carlos III University of Madrid in Spain is the winner of the 2023 Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship.

In addition, two other nominees stood out and receive honourable mention: Tianji Jiang from UCLA (USA) and Alex J. Yang from Nanjing University (China).

At ISSI’2023, Patricia Alonso-Álvarez presented her paper on ‘On regional knowledge systems and the limitations of mainstream academic databases:’ This forms part of her dissertation work on identifying epistemic injustices in scientific production, which uses the African academic publication system as a case study. The thesis project addresses the representation, content, and use of science from peripheral regions, relying on international and regional academic databases to contribute to a pluralistic view of global science.

Upon being notified about the award, Patricia Alonso-Álvarez stated: "I would like to thank the award committee for their recognition, the ISSI for the effort to support the work of early career researchers, and the Eugene Garfield Foundation for its generosity. It is an honor to receive this award. It reassures me about the importance of inclusion and diversity studies in science, which I’m sure will lead to a more representative, open, and fairer scientific system. It also encourages me to continue this path and contribute to this fascinating and relevant topic. I would also like to share the award with my supervisors, Elías Sanz Casado and Nees van Eck, for their trust and guidance, and my colleagues at the LEMI research group for their support.”

Details about the application process, selection criteria and award are available here. The scholarship award consists of a 3,000 EUR grant to support participation of the winner in the ISSI’2023 conference. The next Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship will be awarded at ISSI’2025, with calls announced on the ISSI web site in spring 2025.

The committee for the 2023 Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship consisted of an ISSI Board member and three scholars:

  • Andrea Scharnhorst, DANS, KNAW, The Netherlands
  • Stefanie Haustein, University of Ottawa, Canada (ISSI Board member)
  • Elías Sanz Casado, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain
  • Birger Larsen, Aalborg University, Denmark (Chair)

We thank all nominees for submitting their work for assessment, and congratulate them on the high quality of their work, which bodes well for the new generation of ISSI researchers and scholars!

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