ISSI Newsletter #25 is out!

We are glad to inform you that the 25th number of the ISSI Newsletter has come out.


  • Editorial
  • Conference call: 16th Nordic Workshop
  • News: Manfred Bonitz 80 – A Festschrift 
  • NewsAwardee of the Price Medal in 2011
  • Olle Persson: Price-Award Mapping
  • Ronald Rousseau & Fred Y. Ye: Subgraphs derived from the Hirsch core in undirected, unweighted networks
  • Ronald Rousseau & Loet Leydesdorff: Simple arithmetic versus intuitive understanding
  • Divya Srivastava & Rajni Kant: Directory & Database
  • Wolfgang Glänzel: How to obtain Erdős number 1 in the 21th century?

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